Aireys Inlet Community Hall Mural

This is a mural about optimism, location and community. These all seemed like perfect themes to adorn the walls of the Aireys Inlet Community Hall. I wanted to use this wall to showcase small shore birds, Hooded Plovers, that nest on the sand along the beaches in this area. Often unnoticed their nests are easily destroyed by dogs and beach goers. However, through extensive community cooperation and action they are making a comeback. As a subject the Hooded Plover represents the vulnerable ecology of the coast but also the appreciation and protection of it by the local community. The inclusion of a Hooded Plover Chick represents hope for the next generation both bird and human, the Surf Coast is a fantastic place to raise a family, instil an appreciation of the natural world and reinforce our responsibility to ensure that it remains a healthy, thriving system for generations to come.


Geoffrey Carran Mural, Aireys Inlet, Great Ocean Road.
Great Ocean Road, Aireys Inlet, Hooded Plover, Mural.
Family, mural, art, artist