Balmoral Regional Mural

In February 2013 Geoffrey Carran and Rowena Martinich were commissioned by the Chameleon Arts Collective of Balmoral to create a Mural for the town. This work was funded by Regional Arts Victoria in conjunction with community fundraising efforts. The work is situated on the wall of the community store in the centre of the town.


Public art projects in regional communities have a powerful and important role in fostering, maintaining and promoting many facets of the cultural life, identity and intrinsic values of these communities. This is of particular significance in the smaller rural communities of Victoria, where in many cases, the population has declined and the remaining communities are battling continuing environmental and economic hardships.

Public art projects provide an opportunity to galvanize communities as they pull together to contribute to the cultural wealth of their location. Chameleon Arts in many ways broke the mold of rural art projects by commissioning us to do a bold and contemporary mural rather than the classic ‘wagon and bullocks’ and in doing so made a loud statement that their small community in the Southern Grampians is still very much situated in the present, aware and proud of who they are.


ABC Open website video
Abstract expressionism in Balmoral from ABC Open Wimmera on Vimeo.
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