Hunting Collective

In 2016 Geoffrey was approached by the team at Hunting for George to paint a clock for their second edition of the Hunting Collective Art Collaboration. This year 13 artists each received a blank Hunting for George timber clock and an open brief. The clocks are made by Waverley Industries, a not-for-profit organisation which provides employment opportunities for local people with disabilities, and 50% of the auctioned proceeds go to supporting their work. 


The Hunting for George team; Martina Gemmola, Jonno Rodd and Lucy Glade-Wright have spent the last month documenting all of the artists. On September 1 they will launch the Hunting Collective and will share their travels and stories on all of the artists. Whilst also kicking off an online auction for all the finished artist clocks. Here are a few words from Lucy about Geoffrey’s work:



“The sheer scale and detail of Geoffrey’s paintings is breath-taking. He is able to capture the personality of each bird and bury it deep into each painted layer. When I look at his birds I seem to understand what each one is thinking, their personality reveals itself to me, but only me as if I’ve been let in on a secret. Geoffrey transferred his large scale birds onto his clock and the result is no less spectacular. His colourful cockatoo centres around the eye, the clock hands have been shaped and coloured to become part of the artwork and change its appearance as time goes by.”